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Unstoppable confidence

Boost Your Self-Confidence and thrive in 2023

Do you want to take charge of your life, jumpstart your professional and personal life, and start thriving in 2023? Then our Unstoppable Confidence Course is the perfect solution for you! In this 8-week course, you’ll learn how to boost your self-confidence, conquer your fears, and develop the resilience you need to embrace challenges and reach your goals. You’ll gain insight into the science of success and learn tools to help you achieve your dreams. You’ll come away with the knowledge, tools and motivation to become a more confident and booming version of yourself and take 2023 by storm!


Online Support Group

This is a Meetup group you can freely join, where we meet monthly to discuss various topics linked with personal growth and improvement.

1:1 Coaching

A 6 Sessions Package – is the first offer when a new client begins working with me. Meeting 6 times for one hour, plus the individual work the client commits between the sessions, allows for enough time to see and feel the change at the emotional and material levels. 
We can always extend our partnering for another 6 sessions or as an ongoing program tailored to your needs and desires.
You beneficiate from an honest rate:
85 €/session.

Online Courses

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How can I help you

I can help you in these particular areas.

  • Getting unstuck and finding ways to move forward,
  • Obtaining clarity,
  • Decision making,
  • Growing self-confidence,
  • Stress management,
  • Improving communication,
  • Achieving better relationships,
  • Finding ways to a balanced and healthy life.

Many people remain stuck in a situation even if they don’t like it. In a way, they want to get out of that situation, and they even make plans for it. But the lack of clarity, self-confidence and, consequently, the lack of opportunities and vision makes them freeze in that situation. They become experts in procrastination. Ineffective communication and unsatisfactory relationships add on.
I work with you to overcome these obstacles, unstuck yourself, and unlock your real potential. Than, you can move forward and make the best decisions to fulfil your dreams and create a great personal and professional life.

How it works

Simple Steps to Success

It all starts with a single first step.
Make a decision to
meet in an informative meeting to get to know each other, understand your present situation and create the context for approaching the change you need.
Plan the journey
Together we design a plan for the next three or six months, with a clear vision for what will help you best to discover and learn how to bring more happiness into your life.
Show Commitment
We set up goals and schedule weekly session, working committed toward your change and transformation, so you can create a happy life.
Transformation Completed
We see consistent results if you show commitment and accountability for the work with yourself between the sessions and allow the change to manifest in you. You have my complete dedication and support along the process. Your happiness is my happiness.

results you can expect

I could help my amazing clients to:

  • Discover new perspectives,
  • Develop healthy thoughts and non-limiting beliefs and
  • Increase awareness.
  • Learn how to connect with heart and intuition and stay true to themselves,
  • Redefining/refining life values
  • Gain clarity, focus and direction in life and develop an individual plan to move forward and create a more authentic and fulfilling life.
  • Learn how to use the power within to become their own masters,
  • Create and manage happiness regardless of circumstances.
  • Become inspired and encouraged in making decisions and actions that ultimately create abundance and fulfilment in life.


What My Clients Say?

"I came to Diana with a big decision to make. She held space for me over the weeks, guided me to dig deep into the reasons behind my dilemma. After working with her, my decision actually came naturally, almost like a side product, no forcing, no hard thinking, just attending the coaching sessions and doing my own personal reflection. I learned a lot about my choices, about the drama I managed to create, how to let go and let the decision to come to me. Thank you Diana! "

Manica Hauptman

Contact Me!

Diana Todorut Life Coaching
Munich, Germany

+49 176 8142 3406

MO-FR 08:30 – 20:00 CET